Looking the best riddles and answers?

The simplest way to find the best riddles and answers is by browsing online. I used to search random websites until one day when a friend of mine enlightened me about a resourceful site. Initially, I was skeptical thinking that it would merely be an ordinary website with little content on riddles and answers.

I am a teacher by profession and as you know being a teacher calls for continued research and nourishment of the mind as a way of remaining relevant in the profession. After fumbling around for some time, I found the home of riddles and answers. Nowadays, when I walk into a classroom, my students are full of curiosity and eagerness over the next brain-teaser I am about to unveil.

I have dedicated 7 minutes every day for a riddle and answer session. My students love mathematics and logical riddles. When the session starts, the class turns into a battlefield; I mean a serious scramble to give answers to brain-teaser posed. Occasionally, I drop the hard and tricky riddles to cool the “war” in class. At that point, the noises calm down as they try to figure out the answers. When they are stuck, I reveal the answers then re-engage the class with easier riddles.

The riddlesdb.com website remains my favorite source of riddles and answers. I would always recommend the site to teachers and everyone else who wants unlimited access to brain-teasers and answers. I still owe my friend a great deal for introducing me to this website. I suggest you also tell more people about it or pose one or two riddles from the site to a friend and see how they scratch their head a bit while trying to find the fantastic answers.

– Above is the sample answer to the question “Where to find the best riddles and answers?”. The info provided is not correct, and just for the sample purpose. But the website(riddlesdb) is indeed one of the best. So, you may use the right info like what is your proffesion and other thing if someone asking like that. Thanks.